Lockout Services

Len Cicero is the current technical committee chairperson for CSA Z460-13 The Control of Hazardous Energy- Lockout and Other Methods. In addition, Len developed the complete training program for for CSA on the Lockout Standard and delivered it across Canada in 2005. This was Canada's first Lockout standard.

Len has also conducted presentations and technical papers to thousands of workers at various health and safety conferences on Lockout and has developed machine and process specific Lockout Procedures (Placards) for several companies across Canada.

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Workplace Electrical Safety Services

Len Cicero is a founding member and executive member of CSA Z462 technical committee, Workplace Electrical safety standard - Canada's first workplace electrical safety standard.

Len has authored several articles for technical and OHS magazines on the topic of Lockout and Other Methods. In addition, Len has participated on 2 occasions with the CSA Electrical Safety Road Show across Canada, delivering sessions on workplace electrical safety to hundreds of workers

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